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Msg91 Integration

You can use Msg91 to send out the shipping & delivery SMS to your customers with tracking & delivery updates.

Setup Msg91 SMS Integration

To set up the SMS notifications, on your WordPress admin, go to TrackShip > Settings, and click on the SMS settings panel:

  • Select Msg91 from the list of SMS service providers
  • Add your Msg91 API username, key, and Sender phone number (given to you by Msg91)
  • Enable the DLT template id option for sending SMS using DLT templates ID in India

How to get your Msg91 API Key:

  1. Login into your MSG91 account.
  2. Go to Authkey settings and copy your Authkey
  3. You will have to enter Authkey in your General Settings as the Authentication Key.

How to get your Msg91 phone number:

  • Go to Sender id and copy your Sender ID that you will enter in your General Settings as the Sender phone number.

DLT templates ID

To obtain the DLT templates ID, navigate to the Templates section and create distinct SMS templates utilizing variables that correspond to the content of each message sent from TrackShip.

Msg91 will proceed to verify the template, ultimately providing the designated template ID.

in TrackShip SMS notifications, provide the SMS template ID along with the specific variables used for SMS in TrackShip SMS notifications.

Provide the SMS variables, used in the SMS template, listed in a comma-separated format according to their order.

About Msg91

MSG91 is a cloud communication platform that offers powerful messaging solutions to empower business communications. It consists of 10+ channels across the platform offering services over SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp, and RCS via API.