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Email Notifications

The shipment emails will automatically trigger based on the shipment status and you can select for which shipment status to proactively trigger email notifications and customize the email content and display using an email customizer with a live preview.

To enable and customize your shipment status email notifications, navigate to TrackShip > Settings, then proceed to the Notifications tab where you can customize the email for shipment status.

Please Note: The emails are sent from your WooCommerce store in the same way any other WooCommerce transactional email is sent.

Available Shipment Emails

Shipment StatusDescription
In Transit The shipment is on the way, the shipping carrier accepted or picked up, and scanned the shipment.
Available for PickupThe shipment is available and awaiting pickup
Out for Delivery The carrier is about to deliver the shipment
On Hold The shipment is on hold
Delivery Failure Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, and usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver the package again.
Return To SenderShipment is returned to sender
DeliveredThe shipment was delivered successfully. Option to send one delivery email only when all the shipments for an order are delivered.
Pickup reminderSend pickup reminder notifications to your customers if the shipment has not been picked up within x days.

Add multiple recipients to receive Shipment status email notifications

This code snippet is useful for e-commerce sites that send shipment status updates to multiple addresses. You can add multiple email addresses based on a specific shipment status to the below code snippet to receive Shipment status email notifications. Adding this code to your theme’s functions.php file will make it work.

Customize the Email Notifications

the Shipping & Delivery email notifications are fully customizable, you can edit the email templates and customize the email content using a customizer with a live preview.

The email customizer has 3 panels.

Content Type & Text

Customizer Options

  • Enable the email notification – check this option to send automatic email notifications to your customers when shipments update to this Shipment Status
  • Email subject –  Choose the email subject. Available variables: {site_title}, {order_number}
  • Email heading – Choose the email heading. Available variables: {site_title}, {order_number}
  • Email Content – additional text after the email header. Available variables: {site_title}, {order_number}, {customer_email}, {customer_first_name}, {customer_last_name}, {customer_company_name}, {order_number}, {est_delivery_date}
  • Google Analytics link tracking – This will be appended to the URL in the email content (e.g. utm_source=trackship&utm_campaign=out_for_delivery)

Tracking widget

Tracking widget options

  • Tracker type –  Choose the Tracker type Progress bar, Icons, and single icon
  • Widget background color –  Choose the background color for the Tracking widget
  • Widget font color –  Choose the widget font color
  • Widget border color –  Choose the widget border-color
  • Links color –  Choose the link color in the tracking widget
  • Track button text –  Choose the Track button text
  • Button color –  Choose the track button color
  • Button font color –  Choose the Track button font color
  • Track Button radius –  Choose the Track button border-radius.

Display Options

Customizer Options

  • Display shipped products – to show/hide Products in the Shipment statuses email
  • Shipped products header text – change the text of the shipped product’s header
  • Display product image – to show/hide Product images in the Shipment statuses email
  • Display shipping address –  to show/hide shipping address in the Shipment statuses email
  • Shipping address header text – change the text of the Shipping address
  • Display TrackShip branding – Show/hide display branding option in the Shipment statuses email

Tip! If you do not want your customers to view the shipping provider name and you want to change the display name and the shipping provider image on the order and shipment status emails, my-account section and on TrackShip’s Tracking Page –

Pickup reminder

Pickup reminder notifications are messages sent to customers to remind them about scheduled pickups or collection dates for their orders. TrackShip sends pickup reminder notifications if a customer hasn’t picked up their item within X days of it being available for pickup.

You can personalize the Email subject, Email heading, and Email content through the Pickup Reminder Email Customizer.

After X days, you can initiate pickup reminder notifications to notify your customers.

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