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ClickSend Integration

You can use ClickSend to send out the shipping & delivery SMS to your customers with tracking & delivery updates.

Setup ClickSend SMS Integration

To set up the SMS notifications, on your WordPress admin, go to TrackShip > Settings, and click on the SMS settings panel:

  • Select ClickSend from the list of SMS service providers
  • Add your ClickSend API username, key, and Sender phone number (given to you by ClickSend)

How to get your ClickSend API Key:

  1. Login into your ClickSend account.
  2. Navigate to Developers > API Credentials
  3. You will need to enter your Username & API key in your General Settings.
  4. Copy the API Key and use it in the SMS provider settings.

How to get your ClickSend phone number:

  • Click on the Numbers > SMS and copy the phone number that you will enter in your General Settings as the Sender phone number.

About ClickSend

ClickSend lets you send SMS messages globally, through A Web Based SMS Portal or Transactional SMS via SMS Gateway API. Using ClickSend SMS you can be confident your customers and staff are receiving and reading your SMS messages.