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Get Shipment Status – After connecting TrackShip, it will auto-track orders when they are shipped, but it will not automatically track orders that are already Shipped before you connected your store, when you had a connection issue, or when you had insufficient tracker balance.

If we detect orders from the last 30 days that can be tracked on TrackShip, we will allow you the option to Get Shipment Status for all these orders and track them to be tracked by TrackShip. 

Please note: You can also manually trigger these orders by using the Get Shipment Status option in the Bulk Actions menu on the WooCommerce orders list. 

Delete Notifications Logs – you can delete Shipment status Email and SMS logs more than 30 days from tools

Verify trackShip’s database table – You can verify whether the TrackShip’s database table exists and check if any of TrackShip’s database table columns are missing.

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