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Manage Orders

TrackShip adds the Shipments column and will display the shipment status to each tracking number you add to your shipped orders. You can filter orders with invalid tracking numbers or by shipment status event in orders admin (make sure you enable this option from TrackShip’s settings page)

Please note: if you do not see the shipment status column, please check the orders admin page Screen Options to make sure the Shipment Status column is visible.

When you click on the shipment status a Lightbox will open with the tracking page widget for this shipment and the option to click on the tracking number link to the carrier website (in a new tab) or to copy the tracking page link (with the secure key) to send to your customers.

Single Order admin

After you add the shipment tracking info to the order and fulfil the order, the shipment status will display on the Shipment Tracking panel, 

Please note: TrackShip will display the Estimated Delivery Date for active shipments in case the shipping provider API support the Est. Delivery date using their API, not all shipping providers allow this option.

TrackShip Panel when editing an order when using the Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce (AST):

TrackShip Panel when editing an order when using the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Extension:

TrackShip Status Messages

These messages might appear for your shipments on the WooCommerce orders panel:

Pending UpdatePending Update is a temporary status that will display for a few minutes after shipping the orders until TrackShip updates the order with the first tracking event from the shipping provider.
TrackShip connection issueThis means that you have an SSL issue on your store, check the SSL Requirements for more details.
Invalid Tracking NumberThe Tracking number for this shipment is not valid
Wrong Shipping ProviderThe Shipping Provider is invalid, make sure you add the exact same name as in the Shipping Providers List
Carrier UnsupportedTrackShip does not support this shipping provider, for more info, check out our supported shipping providers.

Get Shipment Status

The trigger to auto-track shipments with TrackShip is by adding tracking information to the order and changing the order status from Processing to Shipped (Completed) or any other WooCommerce order status that you choose on your settings.

TrackShip does not automatically track orders that are already Shipped (Completed) from before you connected your store to TrackShip, or orders which display a connection issue or insufficient account balance.

You can re-send these orders to TrackShip by using the Get Shipment Status option in the Bulk Action menu on your WooCommerce order admin or by using the option to bulk Get Shipment Status in the TrackShip Settings

Get Shipment Status (Orders Admin)

On the WooCommerce orders admin, mark the orders that you want to send to TrackShip and from the bulk actions menu choose the Get Shipment Status option and apply.

You can also use the Get Shipment Status option from the order actions menu on a single order admin.

Note: the bulk Get Shipment Status option is limited to 100 orders at a time to avoid any load issues on your store when TrackShip is updating your orders with shipment status data.

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