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General Settings

Order Status to Trigger the Tracking – When you change the order status to Shipped (Completed) or Partially shipped, you usually want to send the tracking info to TrackShip but in some cases merchants use custom order statuses in their workflow, and TrackShip allows to select on which order statuses to send the tracking information to TrackShip and start the tracking.

Display Shipment Status Filter on the Orders admin – enable this option to add a shipment status filter to the WooCommerce orders admin filters, enabling this option might slow your orders admin if you process large amounts of orders.

Enable shipment status notification for order created by Amazon – enable this option to send Shipment status notifications for Order is created by Amazon.

WooCommerce orders – Filter orders by the shipment status:

Enable unsubscribe (opt-out) from Shipment status notifications – enable the unsubscribe option to get an unsubscribe link in the Shipment status email and on the Tracking page.

Delivery Automation

Enable Custom Order Status Delivered – Enable a custom order status “Delivered”, and edit its label colors. When you enable this custom order status, TrackShip will automatically change your orders to Delivered when all the order’s shipments are delivered to your customers.

Map the Shipping Providers.

This option allows you to map the shipping providers received from external shipping services via the API to the shipping providers on TrackShip, when you use the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking extension and you can to add tracking numbers to your orders, you can map the Shipping Provider names you get from your shipping company to TrackShip’s provider’s names on the settings page:

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