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Orders Tracking for WooCommerce

TrackShip for WooCommerce is fully compatible with the Orders Tracking for WooCommerce plugin. The orders Tracking plugin allows you to add tracking numbers to your WooCommerce orders.


To trigger Trackship, you can change the order status settings

Tracking information automatically sends to TrackShip after an order has been marked as shipped (complete) or partially shipped. Usually, you want to send tracking information to TrackShip when the order status changes to Shipped (Completed) or Partially shipped. Some merchants use custom order statuses in their workflow, and TrackShip allows them to specify which order statuses they want to send tracking information to.

TrackShip for WooCommerce helps you and your customers keep track of orders. You can track your orders on the Tracking page, the admin order page, and the Tracking page with TrackShip.

Tracking Page

To set up the tracking page on your store, go to TrackShip > Settings and click to open the Tracking Page settings panel:

When you enable the tracking page, your customers will be directed to track their order on your store instead of directing them to the shipping carrier’s websites. The tracking widget is fully customizable and since it’s a standard WordPress page, you can add custom shipping messages, upsells, and more…

Email notifications

Based on the shipment status, shipment email notifications will automatically trigger, and you can select which shipment statuses to send proactively. Email content and display can be customized using a live preview email customizer.

You can enable and customize shipment status email notifications in your WordPress admin by going to TrackShip > Notifications > Emails.

Using your WooCommerce store, these emails will be sent the same way any other WooCommerce transactional email.

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