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Import Shipments from CSV

Importing shipments from CSV files into TrackShip streamlines the process of managing large volumes of shipment data efficiently. With this feature, users can effortlessly upload CSV files containing shipment details directly into their TrackShip account. Once uploaded, TrackShip intelligently parses the data, populating the shipment records with essential information such as tracking numbers, recipient details, and shipping status. This enables users to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of their shipments within the TrackShip platform, facilitating easy tracking, monitoring, and management of their entire shipping workflow. Whether handling bulk shipments or updating existing records, the CSV import functionality offers a convenient and time-saving solution for businesses seeking to streamline their shipping operations.

Import CSV

To import shipments in bulk into the TrackShip system, navigate to the TrackShip Dashboard, then access the Shipments section and click on the CSV import button.

Download the sample CSV template, which allows for the import of 10,000 tracking numbers in a single file.

Required Parameter

ParameterTypeDescriptionAllowed value
storeStringStore nameUp to 100 alphanumeric characters
tracking_numberStringTracking number of a shipment
carrierStringUnique Provider slug
of courier, use Trackship predefine Provider slug
order_idStringA number identifying the order for use by shop owner and customerUp to 100 alphanumeric characters
destination_countryStringEnter ISO Alpha-2 (two letters) to specify the destination of the shipment (e.g. US for United States). If you use postal service to send international shipments, TrackShip will automatically get tracking results at destination results as well.2 characters (Country/Region ISO Alpha-2)
postal_codeStringThe postal code of receiver’s address. Required by some couriers.Up to 8 alphanumeric characters´╝îincluding + and - and space