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Quick Start

Kickstart your journey with TrackShip by seamlessly connecting your store to the cloud platform. Simply provide your store name and email address, then verify your domain for smooth transmission of tracking information. From there, effortlessly create and manage shipments using TrackShip’s API or import details via CSV files. With automatic email notifications, customizable tracking pages, and tailored shipment status updates, TrackShip empowers you to elevate your shipping process and enhance customer satisfaction with ease.

Connecting Your Store:

  • Start by providing your store name and email address to establish a connection with TrackShip’s cloud service.
  • This connection is crucial for TrackShip to access and process shipment information
  • After providing the necessary details, you’ll need to verify your domain to ensure that emails containing tracking information can be sent seamlessly to your customers.

Creating Shipments using API:

  • Once your store is connected and verified, you can begin creating shipments using TrackShip’s API.
  • The API allows for programmatic creation of shipments, streamlining the process and integrating it with your existing systems.
  • After creating shipments via API, you can conveniently manage them within your TrackShip account under the “Shipments” section. Here, you can track, update, and monitor the status of each shipment.

Importing Shipment Details:

  • In addition to creating shipments through the API, TrackShip offers the option to import shipment details via CSV files.
  • This feature is beneficial for bulk importing or updating shipment information, saving time and effort.
  • Simply upload the CSV file containing shipment details directly into your TrackShip account from the “Shipments” section to populate your shipment list.

Email Notifications:

  • When a new shipment is created, TrackShip automatically sends email notifications to your customers, informing them that their order has been shipped.
  • These notifications include relevant tracking information, allowing customers to track their orders conveniently.
  • In addition to the initial shipment notification, TrackShip allows you to send email notifications to customers for any changes in shipment status.
  • These notifications keep customers informed about the progress of their orders, such as when an order is out for delivery or has been successfully delivered.
  • You can customize these email notifications according to your preferences, including branding elements and personalized messages, through the TrackShip account settings under “Store > Notifications.”

Custom Tracking Pages:

  • TrackShip enables you to create custom tracking pages tailored to your brand identity.
  • These tracking pages provide customers with a branded and personalized experience when they track their orders.
  • You have the flexibility to customize the design, layout, and content of the tracking page to align with your brand’s aesthetics and messaging.
  • Moreover, TrackShip’s tracking pages are available in multiple languages, catering to a diverse customer base and ensuring a seamless experience for international customers.