Docly Child

Tracking Page

The Tracking Page Customizer in TrackShip empowers users to personalize their tracking pages to match their brand and meet customer preferences. With customizable options like logos, colors, layouts, and language support, businesses can create a customized tracking experience to their unique identity, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

Color and Style

The Color and Style section in TrackShip’s Tracking Page Customizer allows users to adjust the visual appearance of their tracking pages. Customize elements like Header Background Color, Content Background Color, Border Color, Font Color, Link Color, Button Color, and Button Text Color to create a cohesive and visually appealing tracking experience that matches your brand identity.


In TrackShip’s Tracking Page Customizer, the Content section lets you decide what information to display on your tracking page. Toggle options like showing the shipping provider’s logo, link directly to the carrier’s tracking page, displaying shipment origin and destination addresses, and showing the tracking number. This section gives you control over the content, ensuring your tracking page provides the information your customers need in a clear and organized manner.


In TrackShip’s Tracking Page Customizer, the Footer section lets you customize the bottom part of your tracking page. Toggle options like Display Social Media Links to add or remove links to your social media profiles. Choose whether to include TrackShip branding with Display Trackship Branding. Additionally, you can add custom links or extra information to the footer with Add Links to Footer. This section gives you the freedom to personalize the footer, ensuring your tracking page reflects your brand and provides relevant information to your customers.

Tracking Form

In TrackShip’s Tracking Page Customizer, you can customize the tracking form. Adjust the Heading Text and Button Text to your preferences for a personalized tracking experience.