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Email notifications

Shipment emails are automatically triggered based on the shipment status. You can choose which shipment statuses prompt email notifications and customize the content and appearance using the email customizer, which includes a live preview feature.

To enable and personalize your shipment status email notifications, go to TrackShip Dashboard > Store > Settings > Notifications, then access the Notifications tab where you can customize the email for shipment status..

Please Note: Emails are sent to the email address used during shipment creation.

Email Customizer

With TrackShip’s Email Customizer, you can easily customize your email notifications. Email customizer offers three customizable sections Email Content, Email Design, and Email Footer. Email customizer allowing you to personalize your emails to match your brand and suit your customers’ preferences.

1. Email Content

In the Email Content section, customize the Email Subject for clarity and attention-grabbing. Craft engaging messages in the Email Content field to effectively convey your message. Personalize both the subject line and email body for effective communication with your customers.

2. Email Design

In the Email Design section, customize the visual aspects of your email notifications. Choose a Background Color that suits your brand’s style. Define the Border Color to add structure. Select a Font Color for readability. Customize Button Color to attract attention, and Button Font Color for clarity.

3. Email Footer

In the Email Footer section, you can choose to remove the “Powered by TrackShip” option. This option ensures a seamless branding experience for your email notifications.