Docly Child

Shipping providers reference

Provider slug Provider name
247express 247 Express
2u-express 2U Express
360lion 360lion Express
4px 4px
99minutos 99minutos
a-duie-pyle A. Duie Pyle
aaa-cooper AAA Cooper
abf ABF
abx-express ABX Express
acommerce ACOMMERCE
acs-courier ACS Courier
act-logistic ACT logistic
adaone ADSOne
airpak-express Airpak Express
airspeed-international Airspeed International
airwings-india Airwings
ait-worldwide AIT Worldwide
ajex AJEX
albania-post Albania Post
aliexpress-standard-shipping Aliexpress Standard Shipping
allekurier Allekurier
alliedexpress Allied Express
am-home-delivery AM Home Delivery
amazon-in Amazon IN
amazon-logistics Amazon Logistics
amazon-uk Amazon UK
amsegroup AMSEGROUP
an-post An Post
anjun Anjun
ant-eparcel Ant Eparcel
antilles-post Antilles Post
apc APC
aramex Aramex
aramex-au Aramex AU
aramex-nz Aramex NZ
aras-kargo Aras Kargo
arco-spedizioni Arco Spedizioni
ark-express Ark express
armenia-post Armenia Post
arrowxl ArrowXL
aruba-post Aruba Post
asendia Asendia
asendia-de Asendia Germany
asendia-uk Asendia UK
asendia-usa Asendia USA
associated-global-systems Associated Global Systems
asyad-express Asyad Express
australia-ems Australia EMS
australia-post Australia Post
ausworld express Ausworld Express
averitt-express Averitt Express
axlehire AxleHire
azerbaijan-post Azerbaijan Post
bangladesh-ems Bangladesh EMS
barbados-post Barbados Post
bee-express Beexpress
beebird-logistics Beebird Logistics
belarus-post Belarus Post
belgium-post Bpost
benin-post Benin Post
bermuda-post Bermuda Post
best-express-th BEST Express
best-my BEST Express
better-trucks Better Trucks
bgy BGY
bh-posta BH Posta
bird-system-ltd BIRD SYSTEM LTD
biz-courier Biz Courier
bjytsywl BJYTSYWL
blexpress Blexpress
blue-sky-express Blue Sky Express
bluecare Bluecare Express
bluedart Bluedart
bombax Bombax
bombino-express Bombino Express
bondscouriers Bonds Couriers
border-express Border Express
bosnia-and-herzegovina-post Bosnia And Herzegovina Post
bosta Bosta
box-now BOX NOW
boxberry Boxberry
boxc-logistics Boxc Logistics
brazil-correios Brazil Correios
bridge Bridge
bring Bring
brt BRT
bulgaria-post Bulgaria Post
cacesa-postal Cacesa Postal
cainiao Cainiao
call-courier Call Courier
cambodia-post Cambodia Post
canada-air-express Canada Air Express
canada-post Canada Post
canpar Canpar
cargo-expreso Cargo Expreso
cargo-international Cargo International
cargus Cargus
cbl-logistica CBL Logistics
cdek CDEK
cdl CDL
central-transport Central Transport
ceska-posta Ceska Posta
ceva-logistics CEVA Logistics
cgs-Express CGS Express
ch-express CH EXPRESS
chilexpress Chilexpress
china-post China Post
china-post-e-commerce China Post E-commerce
china-railway-flying-leopard China Railway Flying Leopard
chinz-logistics Chinz Logistics
chit-chats Chit Chats
chronopost Chronopost
citi-sprint Citi Sprint
city-express City Express
city-link-express City-Link Express
cj-logistics CJ Logistics
cj-packet CJPacket
cloud-mail-cross-border-express Cloud mail cross border Express
cne-express CNE Express
colis-prive Colis Privé
colissimo Colissimo
collectplus CollectPlus
collivery Collivery
colombia-post Colombia Post
cometcourier Comet Hellas
con-way-freight Con-way Freight
connectco ConnectCo
coordinadora Coordinadora
correios-cabo-verde Correios Cabo Verde
correos-de-cuba Correos de Cuba
correos-de-mexico Correos de Mexico
correos-express Correos Express
correos-spain Correos España
cosco-express Cosco Express
cosmetics-now Cosmetics Now
costa-rica-post Costa Rica Post
courant Courant
courier-center Courier Center
courier-it Courier IT
courierpost CourierPost
couriersplease CouriersPlease
cpszy CPSZY
crazy-express Crazy Express
croatia-post Croatia Post
ctc-express CTC Express
ctt-express CTT Express
ctt-express-spain CTT Express Spain
cuba-post Cuba Post
cubyn Cubyn
custom-companies Custom Companies
cy-epxress CY Epxress
cyprus-post Cyprus Post
czech-post Czech Post
dachser Dachser
danske-fragtmænd Danske Fragtmænd
dao DAO
dawn-wing Dawn Wing
daylight-transport Daylight Transport
dayross Day & Ross
db-schenker DB Schenker
dd-express DD Express
dealfy Dealfy
delhivery Delhivery
dellin Dellin
deltec-courier Deltec Courier
denmark-post Denmark Post
deppon Deppon
deutsche-post Deutsche Post
deutsche-post-dhl Deutsche Post DHL
dexpress DExpress
dhl-at DHL at
dhl-be DHL Benelux
dhl-cz DHL cz
dhl-de DHL Germany
dhl-ecommerce DHL eCommerce
dhl-es DHL Spain
dhl-express DHL Express
dhl-freight DHL Freight
dhl-global-mail DHL Global Mail
dhl-mx DHL Mexico
dhl-paket DHL Paket
dhl-parcel DHL Parcel
dhl-parcel-se DHL Parcel Spain
dhl-parcel-uk DHL Parcel UK
dhl-pl DHL Poland
dhl-se DHL se
dhl-uk DHL Express UK
dhl-us DHL US
dhlink Dhlink
dhlparcel-nl DHLParcel NL
diamond-line-delivery Diamond Line Delivery
dicom Dicom
dominican-post Dominican Post
dotzot Dotzot
dpd-at DPD Austria
dpd-be DPD BE
dpd-croatia DPD Croatia
dpd-cz DPD Czech Republic
dpd-de DPD Germany
dpd-et DPD Estonia
dpd-fr DPD France
dpd-hu DPD Hungary
dpd-ie DPD Ireland
dpd-local DPD Local
dpd-lt DPD Lithuania
dpd-lv DPD Latvia
dpd-nl DPD Netherlands
dpd-pl DPD Poland
dpd-pt DPD Portugal
dpd-romania DPD Romania
dpd-sa DPD South Africa
dpd-si DPD Slovenia
dpd-sk DPD Slovakia
dpd-switzerland DPD Switzerland
dpd-uk DPD UK
dpex DPEX
dsv DSV
dtdc DTDC
dtdc-plus DTDC Plus
dx-delivery DX delivery
early-bird Early Bird
easy-mail Easy Mail
ec-firstclass EC Firstclass
echo Echo
ecms-express ECMS Express
ecom-express Ecom Express
ecoscooting EcoScooting
ed-post ED Post
efsPost EFSPost
ekart Ekart
el-salvador-post El Salvador Post
elog-luxembourg Elog Luxembourg
elta-courier ELTA Courier
elta-hellenic ELTA Hellenic
emirates-post Emirates Post
emons Emons
ems EMS
envia Envia
envialia ENVIALIA
epacket ePacket
eparcel-korea eParcel Korea
epost-global ePost Global
equick Equick
espost Espost
estafeta Estafeta
estes Estes
estonia-post Estonia Post
etg ETG
ethiopia-post Ethiopia Post
etower eTower
euasia-express Euasia Express
euexpress Auexpress
eurodis Eurodis
evri Evri
ewe global express EWE Global Express
exelot Exelot
expeditors Expeditors
expresscourierintl Express Courier
expressone Express one
famiport Famiport
fan-courier Fan Courier
faroe-islands Faroe Islands Post
fast-despatch-logistics Fast Despatch Logistics
fastgo Fastgo
fastway-ireland Fastway Ireland
fastway-za FastWay South Africa
fedex FedEx
fedex-fims FedEx FIMS
fedex-freight FedEx Freight
fedex-ground FedEx Ground
fedex-mexico FedEx Mexico
fedex-pl FedEx Poland
fedex-sameday FedEx Sameday
fedex-uk FedEx UK
fetchr Fetchr
finland-post Finland Post
first-flight First Flight
firstmile FirstMile
flash-express Flash Express
flash-express-my Flash Express MY
flash-express-ph Flash Express PH
fleetoptics FleetOptics
flysman FLYSMAN
flyt-express Flyt Express
flyway-express Flyway Express
followmont-transport Followmont Transport
forward-air Forward Air
freightquote Freightquote
frontier Frontier
ft-exprss FT Exprss
ftd-Express FTD Express
fujie-express FUJIE Express
gati Gati
gdex GDEX
geis-cz Geis CZ
geis-poland Geis Poland
gel-express GEL Express
geodis GEODIS
georgia-post Georgia Post
geswl GESWL Express
ghana-post Ghana Post
ghn Giao Hàng Nhanh
gibraltar-post Gibraltar Post
gig-logistics Gig Logistics
global-order-tracking Global Order Tracking
globalpost GlobalPost
globegistics Globegistics
gls GLS Europe
gls-au GLS Austria
gls-canada GLS Canada
gls-croatia GLS Croatia
gls-czech GLS Czech
gls-denmark GLS Denmark
gls-france GLS France
gls-hungary GLS Hungary
gls-ireland GLS Ireland
gls-italy GLS Italy
gls-paket GLS Paket
gls-romania GLS Romania
gls-serbia GLS Serbia
gls-slovakia GLS Slovakia
gls-slovenia GLS Slovenia
gls-spain GLS Spain
gls-us GLS US
go-express Go Express
goglobal-post Global Post
gogo-xpress GOGO Xpress
gojavas GoJavas
grand-slam-express Grand Slam Express
greyhound Greyhound
grupo-ampm Grupo ampm
gso GSO
gta-gsm GTA GSM
happy-post Happy Post
hct HCT Logistics
hd-express HD Express
hepsi-jet HepsiJet
hermes Hermes
hermes-de Hermes Germany
hfd HFD
hhy-express HHY Express
hjwl HJWL
hkd-express HKD Express
holland-regional Holland Regional
hong-kong-post Hong Kong Post
hotwms HOTWMS
hound Hound
hua-han-logistics Hua Han Logistics
hua-xi Hua Xi
hua-yu Hua Yu
hui-feng-logistics Hui Feng Logistics
hunter-express hunter-express
hyper-sku HyperSKU
i-parcel I-parcel
iceland-post Iceland Post
ics-courier ICS Courier
icumulus-global-express iCumulus Global Express
imex-global-solutions IMEX Global Solutions
imile iMile
iml-logistics IML Logistics
india-post India Post
inpost InPost
inpost-paczkomaty InPost Paczkomaty
intelcom Intelcom
internet-express Internet Express Couriers
interparcel-au Interparcel Au
interparcel-uk Interparcel Uk
intertown-transport Intertown Transport
intexpress Intexpress
iq-fulfillment IQfulfillment
israel-post Israel Post
itella Itella
ivory-coast-ems Ivory Coast EMS
j-net Express J-NET Express
j-t J&T ID
jadlog Jadlog
jamaica-post Jamaica Post
janco-express Janco Express
janio Janio
jcex JCEX
jersey-post Jersey Post
jet-express JET Express
jet-international JET International
jiachen-international JIACHEN INTERNATIONAL
jiayou Jiayou
jne JNE Express
joeyco JoeyCo
jp-post JP Post
jps JPS
js-express JS EXPRESS
jt-express-cn J&T CN
jt-express-ph J&T PH
jt-express-sg J&T SG
jt-express-th J&T TH
jt-express-vn J&T VN
jtexpress-my J&T MY
kaigenlogistics Kaigenlogistics
kazakhstan-post Kazakhstan Post
kerry-ecommerce Kerry eCommerce
kerry-express-th Kerry Express TH
kerry-express-vn Kerry Express VN
kerry-logistics Kerry Logistics
kerry-tj Kerry TJ Logistics
kgm-hub KGM Hub
king-delivery King Delivery
komon-express KOMON EXPRESS
korea-post Korea Post
kuehne Kuehne Nagel
kwai-bon Kwai Bon
la-huo-express La Huo Express
la-poste La Poste
lafasta Lafasta
landmark-global Landmark Global
laos-post Laos Post
lasership LaserShip
latam-you Latam You
latvijas-pasts Latvia Post
lbc-express LBC Express
ld-express LD Express
leopard-courier Leopard Courier
lexship Lexship
lf-express LF Express
liccardi-express LICCARDI EXPRESS
liechtenstein-post Liechtenstein Post
lietuvos-pasta Lithuania Post
logen LOGEN
longcps LONGCPS
loomis-express Loomis Express
lotte-logistics Lotte Global Logistics
lpexpress LP Express
lso Lone Star Overnight
ltian-exp Ltian Exp
luxembourg-post Luxembourg Post
lvse-international LvSe International
macedonia-post Macedonia Post
madhur-couriers Madhur Couriers
magyar-posta Magyar Posta
mahavir Mahavir
mailamericas MailAmericas
mailplus MailPlus
mainfreight Main Freight
malaysia-post Poslaju National
maldives-post Maldives Post
malta-post Malta Post
manitoulin-transport Manitoulin Transport
mark-express Mark Express
matdespatch Matdespatch
matkahuolto Matkahuolto
mauritius-post Mauritius Post
mbe Mail Boxed Etc
meest Meest
monaco-ems Monaco EMS
mondial-relay Mondial Relay
moran-transportation Moran Transportation
morning-express Morning Express
mrw MRW
mxpress M Xpress
my-austrianpost GmbH
mylerz mylerz
nacex Nacex
namibia-post Namibia Post
nampost Nampost
naqel Naqel
nationwide-express Nationwide Express
new-zealand-post New Zealand Post
neway Neway
newgistics Newgistics
nexive Nexive
nigeria-post Nigeria Post
nightline Nightline
ninja-express Ninja Express
ninja-van Ninja Van
ninja-van-international Ninja Van International
ninja-van-vietnam Ninja Van Vietnam
ninjavan-my Ninja Van Malaysia
ninjavan-ph Ninja Van Philippines
Nippon Express Nippon Express
norsk-global Norsk Global
northline Northline
nova-poshta-global Nova Poshta Global
nz-couriers NZ Couriers
ocs-worldwide OCS Worldwide
old-dominion Old Dominion
omniva Omniva
ontrac OnTrac
orangeds OrangeDS
orlen-paczka Orlen paczka
osmworldwide OSM Worldwide
overseas-logistics Overseas Logistics
overseas-territory-fr-ems Overseas Territory FR EMS
overseas-territory-us-post Overseas Territory US Post
p2p-trackpak P2P TrakPak
packeta Packeta
packlink Packlink
packs PACKS
pakistan-post Pakistan Post
palletways Palletways
pandu-logistics Pandu Logistics
papua-new-guinea-post Papua New Guinea Post
paquet Paquet Express
parcel-freight-logistics Parcel Freight Logistics
parcel2go parcel2go
parcelforce ParcelForce
parcelport Parcelport
pargo Pargo
pasamar Pasamar
pca PCA
peninsula-truck-lines Peninsula Truck Lines
pfcexpress PFC Express
pgeon Pgeon
phlpost PHL Post
pickupp Pickupp
pidge Pidge
piggyship Piggyship
pilot Pilot
pitney-bowes Pitney Bowes
pittohio Pitt Ohio
pmm PMM
poland-post Poczta Polska
polar-express Polar Express
pony-express Pony Express
portugal-post-ctt Portugal Post - CTT
pos-indonesia Pos Indonesia
poslaju PosLaju
posstore Posstore
post-haste Post Haste
post-nord-denmark PostNord Denmark
posta-crne-gore Montenegro Post
posta-romana Romania Post
postal-state-international Postal State International
postaplus PostaPlus
poste-italiane Poste Italiane
posten-norge Posten Norge
postex PostEx
postnl PostNL
postnl-international-3s PostNL International 3S
postnord-finland PostNord Finland
postnord-norge PostNord Norge
postnord-sverige-ab PostNord Sverige AB
postNord-sweden PostNord Sweden
postone Post One
ppl-cz PPL CZ
pts PTS
ptt-posta PTT Posta
pullman-cargo Pullman Cargo
purolator Purolator
pushpak-courier Pushpak Courier
qexpress QEXPRESS
qhxyyg Qhxyyg
qi-eleven 7-ELEVEN
quantium Quantium
quiken Quiken
quiqup Quiqup
qxpress Qxpress
raf RAF Philippines
ram Ram
redpack Redpack
redpack-mexico Redpack Mexico
redur-es Redur Spain
rides Wahana
rivigo RIVIGO
rl-carriers RL Carriers
roadbull-logistics Roadbull Logistics
roadlogistics Road Logistics
roadrunner-freight Roadrunner Freight
royal-mail Royal Mail
royal-shipments Royal Shipments
rpx RPX Indonesia
rpx-online RPX Online
rr-donnelley RR Donnelley
rtt-logistics RTT Logistics
run bai internation Run Bai Internation
russian-post Russian Post
rzy-express RZY Express
safexpress Safexpress
sagawa Sagawa
saia Saia
saia-ltl-freight Saia LTL Freight
sailpost Sailpost
saint-lucia-post Saint Lucia Post
sameday Sameday
sameday-hungary Sameday Hungary
samoa-post Samoa Post
san-marino-post San Marino Post
sap-express SAP Express
saudi-post Saudi Post
scg-express SCG Express
score-jp Score Jp
sda SDA
sdh SDH
sdk-express SDK Express
sdt SDT
seino Seino
sendex Sendex
sendle Sendle
sequoia-logistica Sequoia Logistica
serbia-post Serbia Post
serpost Serpost
servientrega Servientrega
sf-express SF Express
sf-international SF International
sfc-service SFC Service
sfyd-express SFYD Express
shadowfax Shadowfax
shipa Shipa
shipgce-express Shipgce Express
shippit Shippit
shiprocket Shiprocket
shopeexpress Shopee Xpress
shree-anjani-courier Shree Anjani Courier
shree-mahabali-express Shree Mahabali Express
shree-maruti-courier Shree Maruti Courier
shree-nandan Shree Nandan Courier
shree-tirupati-courier Shree Tirupati Courier
singapore-post Singapore Post
singapore-speedpost Singapore Speedpost
skr-international SKR InterNational
skybox Skybox
skynet Skynet
skynet-south-africa Skynet South Africa
skynet-worldwide-express SkyNet Worldwide Express
slicity SLICITY
slovakia-post Slovakia Post
slovenia-post Slovenia Post
smart-delivery Smart Delivery
smartr-logistics Smartr Logistics
smsa-express SMSA Express
solid-logistcs Solid Logistcs
south-african-post-office South African Post Office
southeastern Southeastern Freight Lines
spee-dee Spee-Dee
speedaf-express Speedaf Express
speedex-courier Speedex Courier
speedex-greece Speedex Greece
speedy Speedy
spoton Spoton
spring-gds Spring GDS
spx-id SPX ID
spx-my SPX MY
spx-vn SPX VN
sre-korea SRE Korea
sri-lanka-post Sri Lanka Post
starken Starken
starlinks Starlinks
startrack StarTrack
sunson Sunson
sunyou Sunyou
superb-express Superb Express
swe SWE
swiship-au FBA Swiship AU
swiship-ca FBA Swiship CA
swiship-de FBA Swiship DE
swiship-es FBA Swiship ES
swiship-fr FBA Swiship FR
swiship-it FBA Swiship IT
swiship-jp FBA Swiship JP
swiship-uk FBA Swiship UK
swiship-usa FBA Swiship USA
swiss-post Swiss Post
swyftlogistics Swyft Logistics
sx-express SX Express
szendex Szendex
t-cat T Cat
taiwan pelican express Taiwan Pelican Express
taiwan-post Chunghwa Post
takesend TakeSend
tanzania-post Tanzania Post
taoplus Taoplus
tas-courier TAS COURIER
taxydema Taxydema
taxydromiki Geniki Taxydromiki
tci-express TCI Express
tcs-express TCS express
team-global-express Team Global Express
team-global-express-nz Team Global Express NZ
tele-post Greenland Post
teleport Teleport
tforce-freight TForce Freight
thailand-post Thailand Post
the-courier-guy The Courier Guy
the-lorry The Lorry
the-professional-couriers The Professional Couriers
tiki TIKI
timelytitan Timelytitan
timisc TIMISC
tip-sa Tipsa
tk-kit Tk Kit
tnt TNT
tnt-australia TNT Australia
tnt-click TNT Click
tnt-france TNT France
tnt-italy TNT Italy
tnt-reference TNT Reference
tnt-sweden TNT Sweden
tnt-uk TNT UK
togo-post Togo Post
toll TOLL
toll-ipec Toll IPEC
topyou TopYou
trackon Trackon
tstexp Tstexp
ttkeurope Ttkeurope
tuffnells Tuffnells
turkey-post Turkey Post
tuvalu-post Tuvalu Post
u-speed-express U-Speed Express
ubi-smart-parcel UBI Smart Parcel
ubx-express UBX Express
udaan-express Udaan Express
uds UDS
uganda-post Uganda Post
ukmail UK Mail
ukraine-ems Ukraine EMS
ukrposhta Ukrposhta
un-line Un-line
unicon-express-usa UNICON EXPRESS USA
uniuni UniUni
ups UPS
ups-france UPS France
ups-germany UPS Germany
ups-global UPS Global
ups-i-parcel UPS i-parcel
ups-italy UPS Italy
ups-uk UPS UK
upu UPU
uruguay-post Uruguay Post
urvaam Urvaam
usky-express Usky express
usps USPS
uzbekistan-post Uzbekistan Post
v-xpress V-Xpress
valueway VALUEWAY
vanuatu-post Vanuatu Post
venipak Venipak
vietnam-post Vietnam Post
viettel-post Viettel Post
wanbexpress wanbexpress
wanmeng Wanmeng
ward-transport Ward Transport
we-world-express We World Express
wel WEL
whistl Whistl
wiseloads Wiseloads
wndirect wnDirect
xde-logistics XDE Logistics
xdexpress XDEXPRESS
xdp-uk XDP Express
xend-express Xend Express
xin-shu-logistics Xin Shu Logistics
xlobo Xlobo
xpo-logistics XPO Logistics
xpost XPOST
xpressbees Xpressbees
xun-tian-international Xun Tian International
xys-logistics XYS Logistics
yadex Yadex
yakit yakit
yamato Yamato
yanwen Yanwen
ydh YDH
ydm YDM
yfhex-logistics YFHEX LOGISTICS
yht YHT
yi-long-exp Yi Long Exp
yide-international Yide International
yjs-china Yjs-China
yodel Yodel
yodel-direct Yodel Direct
youhai-international-express Youhai International Express
yousheng-international-express Yousheng International Express
yrc YRC
yto-express YTO Express
yue-xi-logistics Yue Xi Logistics
yuema-express Yuema Express
yunexpress Yun Express
yurtici-kargo Yurtiçi Kargo
zajil-express Zajil Express
zambia post Zambia Post
zeleris Zeleris
zhi-teng-logistics Zhi Teng Logistics
zhongrong-tailong Zhongrong Tailong
zinc Zinc
zip-ph Zip
zmc-express ZMC EXPRESS
zto-express ZTO Express