Docly Child

Shipping providers reference

Provider slug Provider name
247express 247 Express
2u-express 2U Express
360lion 360lion Express
4px 4px
99minutos 99minutos
aaa-cooper AAA Cooper
abf ABF
abx-express ABX Express
acommerce ACOMMERCE
acs-courier ACS Courier
act-logistic ACT logistic
adaone ADSOne
airpak-express Airpak Express
airspeed-international Airspeed International
airwings-india Airwings
ait-worldwide AIT Worldwide
ajex AJEX
albania-post Albania Post
aliexpress-standard-shipping Aliexpress Standard Shipping
allekurier Allekurier
alliedexpress Allied Express
am-home-delivery AM Home Delivery
amazon-in Amazon IN
amazon-logistics Amazon Logistics
amazon-uk Amazon UK
amsegroup AMSEGROUP
an-post An Post
anjun Anjun
ant-eparcel Ant Eparcel
antilles-post Antilles Post
apc APC
aramex Aramex
aramex-au Aramex AU
aramex-nz Aramex NZ
aras-kargo Aras Kargo
arco-spedizioni Arco Spedizioni
ark-express Ark express
armenia-post Armenia Post
arrowxl ArrowXL
aruba-post Aruba Post
asendia Asendia
asendia-de Asendia Germany
asendia-uk Asendia UK
asendia-usa Asendia USA
associated-global-systems Associated Global Systems
asyad-express Asyad Express
australia-ems Australia EMS
australia-post Australia Post
ausworld express Ausworld Express
averitt-express Averitt Express
axlehire AxleHire
azerbaijan-post Azerbaijan Post
bangladesh-ems Bangladesh EMS
barbados-post Barbados Post
bee-express Beexpress
beebird-logistics Beebird Logistics
belarus-post Belarus Post
belgium-post Bpost
benin-post Benin Post
bermuda-post Bermuda Post
best-express-th BEST Express
best-my BEST Express
better-trucks Better Trucks
bh-posta BH Posta
bird-system-ltd BIRD SYSTEM LTD
biz-courier Biz Courier
bjytsywl BJYTSYWL
blexpress Blexpress
blue-sky-express Blue Sky Express
bluecare Bluecare Express
bluedart Bluedart
bluex Blues Express
bombax Bombax
bombino-express Bombino Express
bondscouriers Bonds Couriers
border-express Border Express
bosnia-and-herzegovina-post Bosnia And Herzegovina Post
bosta Bosta
boxberry Boxberry
boxc-logistics Boxc Logistics
brazil-correios Brazil Correios
bridge Bridge
bring Bring
brt BRT
bulgaria-post Bulgaria Post
cacesa-postal Cacesa Postal
cainiao Cainiao
call-courier Call Courier
cambodia-post Cambodia Post
canada-air-express Canada Air Express
canada-post Canada Post
canpar Canpar
cargo-expreso Cargo Expreso
cargo-international Cargo International
cargus Cargus
cbl-logistica CBL Logistics
cdek CDEK
cdl CDL
central-transport Central Transport
ceska-posta Ceska Posta
ceva-logistics CEVA Logistics
cgs-Express CGS Express
ch-express CH EXPRESS
china-post China Post
china-post-e-commerce China Post E-commerce
china-railway-flying-leopard China Railway Flying Leopard
chinz-logistics Chinz Logistics
chit-chats Chit Chats
chronopost Chronopost
citi-sprint Citi Sprint
city-express City Express
city-link-express City-Link Express
cj-logistics CJ Logistics
cj-packet CJPacket
cloud-mail-cross-border-express Cloud mail cross border Express
cne-express CNE Express
colis-prive Colis Privé
colissimo Colissimo
collectplus CollectPlus
collivery Collivery
colombia-post Colombia Post
cometcourier Comet Hellas
con-way-freight Con-way Freight
connectco ConnectCo
coordinadora Coordinadora
correios-cabo-verde Correios Cabo Verde
correos-chile Correos Chile
correos-de-cuba Correos de Cuba
correos-de-mexico Correos de Mexico
correos-express Correos Express
correos-spain Correos España
cosco-express Cosco Express
cosmetics-now Cosmetics Now
costa-rica-post Costa Rica Post
courant Courant
courier-center Courier Center
courier-it Courier IT
courierpost CourierPost
couriersplease CouriersPlease
cpszy CPSZY
crazy-express Crazy Express
croatia-post Croatia Post
ctc-express CTC Express
ctt-express CTT Express
ctt-express-spain CTT Express Spain
cuba-post Cuba Post
cubyn Cubyn
custom-companies Custom Companies
cy-epxress CY Epxress
cyprus-post Cyprus Post
czech-post Czech Post
dachser Dachser
dao DAO
dawn-wing Dawn Wing
daylight-transport Daylight Transport
dayross Day & Ross
db-schenker DB Schenker
dd-express DD Express
delhivery Delhivery
dellin Dellin
deltec-courier Deltec Courier
denmark-post Denmark Post
deppon Deppon
deutsche-post Deutsche Post
deutsche-post-dhl Deutsche Post DHL
dexpress DExpress
dhl-at DHL at
dhl-be DHL Benelux
dhl-cz DHL cz
dhl-de DHL Germany
dhl-ecommerce DHL eCommerce
dhl-es DHL Spain
dhl-express DHL Express
dhl-freight DHL Freight
dhl-global-mail DHL Global Mail
dhl-mx DHL Mexico
dhl-paket DHL Paket
dhl-parcel DHL Parcel
dhl-parcel-se DHL Parcel Spain
dhl-parcel-uk DHL Parcel UK
dhl-pl DHL Poland
dhl-se DHL se
dhl-uk DHL Express UK
dhl-us DHL US
dhlink Dhlink
dhlparcel-nl DHLParcel NL
dicom Dicom
direct-link Direct Link
dominican-post Dominican Post
dotzot Dotzot
dpd-at DPD Austria
dpd-be DPD BE
dpd-croatia DPD Croatia
dpd-cz DPD Czech Republic
dpd-de DPD Germany
dpd-fr DPD France
dpd-hu DPD Hungary
dpd-ie DPD Ireland
dpd-local DPD Local
dpd-lt DPD Lithuania
dpd-lv DPD Latvia
dpd-nl DPD Netherlands
dpd-pl DPD Poland
dpd-pt DPD Portugal
dpd-romania DPD Romania
dpd-sa DPD South Africa
dpd-si DPD Slovenia
dpd-sk DPD Slovakia
dpd-uk DPD UK
dpex DPEX
dsv DSV
dtdc DTDC
dtdc-plus DTDC Plus
dx-delivery DX delivery
early-bird Early Bird
easy-mail Easy Mail
ec-firstclass EC Firstclass
echo Echo
ecms-express ECMS Express
ecom-express Ecom Express
ecoscooting EcoScooting
ed-post ED Post
efsPost EFSPost
ekart Ekart
el-salvador-post El Salvador Post
elog-luxembourg Elog Luxembourg
elta-courier ELTA Courier
elta-hellenic ELTA Hellenic
emirates-post Emirates Post
emons Emons
ems EMS
envialia ENVIALIA
epacket ePacket
eparcel-korea eParcel Korea
epost-global ePost Global
equick Equick
espost Espost
estafeta Estafeta
estes Estes
estonia-post Estonia Post
etg ETG
ethiopia-post Ethiopia Post
etower eTower
euasia-express Euasia Express
euexpress Auexpress
eurodis Eurodis
evri Evri
ewe global express EWE Global Express
exelot Exelot
expeditors Expeditors
expresscourierintl Express Courier
expressone Express one
famiport Famiport
faroe-islands Faroe Islands Post
fast-despatch-logistics Fast Despatch Logistics
fastgo Fastgo
fastway-ireland Fastway Ireland
fastway-za FastWay South Africa
fedex FedEx
fedex-fims FedEx FIMS
fedex-freight FedEx Freight
fedex-ground FedEx Ground
fedex-mexico FedEx Mexico
fedex-pl FedEx Poland
fedex-sameday FedEx Sameday
fedex-uk FedEx UK
fetchr Fetchr
finland-post Finland Post
first-flight First Flight
firstmile FirstMile
flash-express Flash Express
flash-express-my Flash Express MY
flash-express-ph Flash Express PH
fleetoptics FleetOptics
flysman FLYSMAN
flyt-express Flyt Express
flyway-express Flyway Express
forward-air Forward Air
freightquote Freightquote
frontier Frontier
ft-exprss FT Exprss
ftd-Express FTD Express
fujie-express FUJIE Express
gati Gati
gdex GDEX
geis-cz Geis CZ
geis-poland Geis Poland
gel-express GEL Express
geodis GEODIS
georgia-post Georgia Post
geswl GESWL Express
ghana-post Ghana Post
ghn Giao Hàng Nhanh
gibraltar-post Gibraltar Post
gig-logistics Gig Logistics
global-order-tracking Global Order Tracking
globegistics Globegistics
gls GLS Europe
gls-au GLS Austria
gls-canada GLS Canada
gls-croatia GLS Croatia
gls-czech GLS Czech
gls-denmark GLS Denmark
gls-france GLS France
gls-hungary GLS Hungary
gls-ireland GLS Ireland
gls-italy GLS Italy
gls-paket GLS Paket
gls-romania GLS Romania
gls-serbia GLS Serbia
gls-slovakia GLS Slovakia
gls-slovenia GLS Slovenia
gls-spain GLS Spain
gls-us GLS US
go-express Go Express
goglobal-post Global Post
gogo-xpress GOGO Xpress
gojavas GoJavas
grand-slam-express Grand Slam Express
greyhound Greyhound
grupo-ampm Grupo ampm
gso GSO
gta-gsm GTA GSM
happy-post Happy Post
hct HCT Logistics
hd-express HD Express
hepsi-jet HepsiJet
hermes Hermes
hermes-de Hermes Germany
hfd HFD
hhy-express HHY Express
hjwl HJWL
hkd-express HKD Express
holland-regional Holland Regional
hong-kong-post Hong Kong Post
hotwms HOTWMS
hound Hound
hua-han-logistics Hua Han Logistics
hua-xi Hua Xi
hua-yu Hua Yu
hui-feng-logistics Hui Feng Logistics
hunter-express hunter-express
hyper-sku HyperSKU
i-parcel I-parcel
iceland-post Iceland Post
ics-courier ICS Courier
icumulus-global-express iCumulus Global Express
imex-global-solutions IMEX Global Solutions
imile iMile
iml-logistics IML Logistics
india-post India Post
inpost InPost
inpost-paczkomaty InPost Paczkomaty
intelcom Intelcom
internet-express Internet Express Couriers
interparcel-au Interparcel Au
interparcel-uk Interparcel Uk
intertown-transport Intertown Transport
intexpress Intexpress
iq-fulfillment IQfulfillment
israel-post Israel Post
ivory-coast-ems Ivory Coast EMS
j-net Express J-NET Express
j-t J&T ID
jadlog Jadlog
jamaica-post Jamaica Post
janco-express Janco Express
janio Janio
jcex JCEX
jersey-post Jersey Post
jet-express JET Express
jet-international JET International
jiachen-international JIACHEN INTERNATIONAL
jne JNE Express
joeyco JoeyCo
jp-post JP Post
js-express JS EXPRESS
jt-express-cn J&T CN
jt-express-ph J&T PH
jt-express-sg J&T SG
jt-express-th J&T TH
jt-express-vn J&T VN
jtexpress-my J&T MY
kaigenlogistics Kaigenlogistics
kazakhstan-post Kazakhstan Post
kerry-ecommerce Kerry eCommerce
kerry-express-th Kerry Express TH
kerry-express-vn Kerry Express VN
kerry-logistics Kerry Logistics
kerry-tj Kerry TJ Logistics
kgm-hub KGM Hub
king-delivery King Delivery
komon-express KOMON EXPRESS
korea-post Korea Post
kuehne Kuehne Nagel
kwai-bon Kwai Bon
la-huo-express La Huo Express
la-poste La Poste
lafasta Lafasta
landmark-global Landmark Global
laos-post Laos Post
lasership LaserShip
latvijas-pasts Latvia Post
lbc-express LBC Express
ld-express LD Express
leopard-courier Leopard Courier
lexship Lexship
lf-express LF Express
liechtenstein-post Liechtenstein Post
lietuvos-pasta Lithuania Post
logen LOGEN
longcps LONGCPS
loomis-express Loomis Express
lpexpress LP Express
lso Lone Star Overnight
ltian-exp Ltian Exp
luxembourg-post Luxembourg Post
lvse-international LvSe International
macedonia-post Macedonia Post
madhur-couriers Madhur Couriers
magyar-posta Magyar Posta
mahavir Mahavir
mailamericas MailAmericas
mainfreight Main Freight
malaysia-post Poslaju National
maldives-post Maldives Post
malta-post Malta Post
manitoulin-transport Manitoulin Transport
matdespatch Matdespatch
matkahuolto Matkahuolto
mauritius-post Mauritius Post
mbe Mail Boxed Etc
meest Meest
monaco-ems Monaco EMS
mondial-relay Mondial Relay
morning-express Morning Express
mrw MRW
mxpress M Xpress
my-austrianpost GmbH
mylerz mylerz
nacex Nacex
namibia-post Namibia Post
nampost Nampost
naqel Naqel
nationwide-express Nationwide Express
new-zealand-post New Zealand Post
neway Neway
newgistics Newgistics
nexive Nexive
nigeria-post Nigeria Post
nightline Nightline
ninja-express Ninja Express
ninja-van Ninja Van
ninja-van-international Ninja Van International
ninja-van-vietnam Ninja Van Vietnam
ninjavan-my Ninja Van Malaysia
ninjavan-ph Ninja Van Philippines
Nippon Express Nippon Express
norsk-global Norsk Global
nova-poshta-global Nova Poshta Global
nz-couriers NZ Couriers
ocs-worldwide OCS Worldwide
old-dominion Old Dominion
omniva Omniva
ontrac OnTrac
orangeds OrangeDS
osmworldwide OSM Worldwide
overseas-logistics Overseas Logistics
overseas-territory-fr-ems Overseas Territory FR EMS
overseas-territory-us-post Overseas Territory US Post
p2p-trackpak P2P TrakPak
packeta Packeta
packlink Packlink
pakistan-post Pakistan Post
palletways Palletways
pandu-logistics Pandu Logistics
papua-new-guinea-post Papua New Guinea Post
paquet Paquet Express
parcel-freight-logistics Parcel Freight Logistics
parcel2go parcel2go
parcelforce ParcelForce
parcelport Parcelport
pargo Pargo
pasamar Pasamar
pca PCA
pfcexpress PFC Express
pgeon Pgeon
phlpost PHL Post
pickupp Pickupp
pidge Pidge
pilot Pilot
pitney-bowes Pitney Bowes
pittohio Pitt Ohio
poland-post Poczta Polska
polar-express Polar Express
pony-express Pony Express
portugal-post-ctt Portugal Post - CTT
pos-indonesia Pos Indonesia
poslaju PosLaju
posstore Posstore
post-haste Post Haste
post-nord-denmark PostNord Denmark
posta-crne-gore Montenegro Post
posta-romana Romania Post
postal-state-international Postal State International
postaplus PostaPlus
poste-italiane Poste Italiane
posten-norge Posten Norge
postnl PostNL
postnl-international-3s PostNL International 3S
postnord-finland PostNord Finland
postnord-norge PostNord Norge
postnord-sverige-ab PostNord Sverige AB
postone Post One
ppl-cz PPL CZ
pts PTS
ptt-posta PTT Posta
purolator Purolator
pushpak-courier Pushpak Courier
qexpress QEXPRESS
qhxyyg Qhxyyg
qi-eleven 7-ELEVEN
quantium Quantium
qxpress Qxpress
raf RAF Philippines
ram Ram
redpack Redpack
redpack-mexico Redpack Mexico
redur-es Redur Spain
rides Wahana
rivigo RIVIGO
rl-carriers RL Carriers
roadbull-logistics Roadbull Logistics
roadlogistics Road Logistics
roadrunner-freight Roadrunner Freight
royal-mail Royal Mail
royal-shipments Royal Shipments
rpx RPX Indonesia
rpx-online RPX Online
rr-donnelley RR Donnelley
rtt-logistics RTT Logistics
run bai internation Run Bai Internation
russian-post Russian Post
rzy-express RZY Express
s-f-express S.F Express
safexpress Safexpress
sagawa Sagawa
saia Saia
saia-ltl-freight Saia LTL Freight
sailpost Sailpost
saint-lucia-post Saint Lucia Post
sameday Sameday
samoa-post Samoa Post
san-marino-post San Marino Post
sap-express SAP Express
saudi-post Saudi Post
scg-express SCG Express
score-jp Score Jp
sda SDA
sdh SDH
sdk-express SDK Express
sdt SDT
seino Seino
sendex Sendex
sendle Sendle
sequoia-logistica Sequoia Logistica
serbia-post Serbia Post
serpost Serpost
sf-international SF International
sfc-service SFC Service
sfyd-express SFYD Express
shadowfax Shadowfax
shipa Shipa
shipgce-express Shipgce Express
shiprocket Shiprocket
shopeexpress Shopee Xpress
shree-anjani-courier Shree Anjani Courier
shree-mahabali-express Shree Mahabali Express
shree-maruti-courier Shree Maruti Courier
shree-nandan Shree Nandan Courier
shree-tirupati-courier Shree Tirupati Courier
singapore-speedpost Singapore Speedpost
skr-international SKR InterNational
skybox Skybox
skynet Skynet
skynet-south-africa Skynet South Africa
skynet-worldwide-express SkyNet Worldwide Express
slicity SLICITY
slovakia-post Slovakia Post
slovenia-post Slovenia Post
smart-delivery Smart Delivery
smartr-logistics Smartr Logistics
smsa-express SMSA Express
solid-logistcs Solid Logistcs
south-african-post-office South African Post Office
southeastern Southeastern Freight Lines
spee-dee Spee-Dee
speedaf-express Speedaf Express
speedex-courier Speedex Courier
speedex-greece Speedex Greece
speedy Speedy
spoton Spoton
spring-gds Spring GDS
spx-id SPX ID
spx-my SPX MY
spx-vn SPX VN
sre-korea SRE Korea
sri-lanka-post Sri Lanka Post
starken Starken
startrack StarTrack
sunyou Sunyou
superb-express Superb Express
swe SWE
swiship-au FBA Swiship AU
swiship-ca FBA Swiship CA
swiship-de FBA Swiship DE
swiship-es FBA Swiship ES
swiship-fr FBA Swiship FR
swiship-it FBA Swiship IT
swiship-jp FBA Swiship JP
swiship-uk FBA Swiship UK
swiship-usa FBA Swiship USA
swiss-post Swiss Post
swyftlogistics Swyft Logistics
sx-express SX Express
szendex Szendex
t-cat T Cat
taiwan pelican express Taiwan Pelican Express
taiwan-post Chunghwa Post
takesend TakeSend
tanzania-post Tanzania Post
taoplus Taoplus
tas-courier TAS COURIER
taxydromiki Geniki Taxydromiki
tci-express TCI Express
tcs-express TCS express
team-global-express Team Global Express
tele-post Greenland Post
teleport Teleport
tforce-freight TForce Freight
tforce-logistic TForce Logistics
thailand-post Thailand Post
the-courier-guy The Courier Guy
the-lorry The Lorry
the-professional-couriers The Professional Couriers
tiki TIKI
timelytitan Timelytitan
timisc TIMISC
tip-sa Tipsa
tk-kit Tk Kit
tnt TNT
tnt-australia TNT Australia
tnt-click TNT Click
tnt-france TNT France
tnt-italy TNT Italy
tnt-reference TNT Reference
tnt-sweden TNT Sweden
tnt-uk TNT UK
togo-post Togo Post
toll TOLL
toll-ipec Toll IPEC
topyou TopYou
trackon Trackon
tstexp Tstexp
ttkeurope Ttkeurope
tuffnells Tuffnells
turkey-post Turkey Post
tuvalu-post Tuvalu Post
u-speed-express U-Speed Express
ubi-smart-parcel UBI Smart Parcel
ubx-express UBX Express
udaan-express Udaan Express
uds UDS
uganda-post Uganda Post
ukmail UK Mail
ukraine-ems Ukraine EMS
ukrposhta Ukrposhta
un-line Un-line
unicon-express-usa UNICON EXPRESS USA
uniuni UniUni
ups UPS
ups-germany UPS Germany
ups-global UPS Global
ups-i-parcel UPS i-parcel
ups-italy UPS Italy
ups-uk UPS UK
upu UPU
uruguay-post Uruguay Post
urvaam Urvaam
usky-express Usky express
usps USPS
uzbekistan-post Uzbekistan Post
v-xpress V-Xpress
valueway VALUEWAY
vanuatu-post Vanuatu Post
venipak Venipak
vietnam-post Vietnam Post
viettel-post Viettel Post
wanbexpress wanbexpress
wanmeng Wanmeng
we-world-express We World Express
wel WEL
whistl Whistl
wiseloads Wiseloads
wndirect wnDirect
xde-logistics XDE Logistics
xdexpress XDEXPRESS
xdp-uk XDP Express
xend-express Xend Express
xin-shu-logistics Xin Shu Logistics
xlobo Xlobo
xpo-logistics XPO Logistics
xpost XPOST
xpressbees Xpressbees
xun-tian-international Xun Tian International
xys-logistics XYS Logistics
yadex Yadex
yakit yakit
yamato Yamato
yanwen Yanwen
ydh YDH
ydm YDM
yfhex-logistics YFHEX LOGISTICS
yht YHT
yi-long-exp Yi Long Exp
yide-international Yide International
yjs-china Yjs-China
yodel Yodel
yodel-direct Yodel Direct
youhai-international-express Youhai International Express
yousheng-international-express Yousheng International Express
yrc YRC
yto-express YTO Express
yue-xi-logistics Yue Xi Logistics
yuema-express Yuema Express
yunexpress Yun Express
yurtici-kargo Yurtiçi Kargo
zajil-express Zajil Express
zambia post Zambia Post
zeleris Zeleris
zhi-teng-logistics Zhi Teng Logistics
zhongrong-tailong Zhongrong Tailong
zinc Zinc
zip-ph Zip
zmc-express ZMC EXPRESS
zto-express ZTO Express