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Connect your custom app

In order to utilize TrackShip’s tracking API effectively, it’s necessary to establish a connection between your custom application and TrackShip. To do so, you’ll need to provide the following information for proper integration.


  • App Name – The primary identifier of your app.
  • Webhook URL – The Callback URL is the endpoint of your store’s API that will receive updates on shipment tracking from TrackShip via webhooks. To guarantee To ensure a secure and effective integration, the store URL must use ‘https://’ for security purposes.

To link your custom app, select the “Connect a store” option on TrackShip’s “dashboard” or go to the “Stores” page and press the “Connect a store” button.
This will provide you with the necessary options to establish a connection between TrackShip and your custom application.


Upon successful connection, you will be taken to the Store Settings page. The first automatic test of your webhook will be performed, and your response will be displayed as shown in the image below.
You have the option to modify or delete your webhook URL as needed.