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Create a tracking

Create a shipment tracker for Custom App


Header Parameter:

trackship-api-key : <your api key here>
app-name          : <your app name here>

CURL POST request:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'trackship-api-key: <your api key here>' \
--header 'app-name: <your app name here>' \
--data '{
    "tracking_number": "1Z4937W56728755212",
    "tracking_provider": "ups",
    "order_id": "13",
    "postal_code": "98012",
    "destination_country": "US"

Request Parameters:

tracking_number(required)StringTracking number for the package
tracking_provider(required)StringUnique code of tracking provider for that tracking
order_id(required)StringRespective order ID
postal_codeStringThe postal code of the receiver’s address. It is required for some couriers, like postnl-3s
destination_countryStringDestination country for receiver’s address. It is required for some couriers, like postnl-3s(ex: NL)

Response Body:

    "status": "ok",
    "status_msg": "pending_trackship",
    "trackers_balance": "98",
    "user_plan": "Mini"

Response Parameters:

statusStringresponse status(ex: ok/error)
status_msgStringstatus msg which explains the status of shipment(pending_trackship/ssl_error/Order id not found)
trackers_balanceStringThe available balance of the TrackShip account
user_planStringActive Subscription plan of TrackShip Account(ex: Free 50/Mini/Small)