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The shipment tracking page is an important tool for managing deliveries. It allows you to view a centralized list of all your shipments, including delivery status and detailed information for each shipment.

You can easily filter the list by shipment status, date, and provider, or search for a specific shipment using its tracking number.

The shipment tracking page also provides the ability to export tracking data as a CSV file. This is a useful feature for those who need to further analyze or process the data. Simply click the “Export” button

By clicking on a tracking number in the shipment tracking list, you can access detailed information about the shipment’s tracking status. A pop-up window will appear, displaying real-time updates on the shipment’s progress and delivery status. This information may include the shipment’s current location,  delivery status updates, and more.

CSV Import

Upload a CSV file to bulk import shipments into TrackShip system.

Download full version template, in one CSV file, 10,000 tracking numbers can be imported.

Required Parameter

ParameterTypeDescriptionAllowed value
storeStringStore nameUp to 100 alphanumeric characters
tracking_numberStringTracking number of a shipment
carrierStringUnique Provider slug
of courier, use Trackship predefine Provider slug
order_idStringA number identifying the order for use by shop owner and customerUp to 100 alphanumeric characters
destination_countryStringEnter ISO Alpha-2 (two letters) to specify the destination of the shipment (e.g. US for United States). If you use postal service to send international shipments, TrackShip will automatically get tracking results at destination results as well.2 characters (Country/Region ISO Alpha-2)
postal_codeStringThe postal code of receiver’s address. Required by some couriers.Up to 8 alphanumeric characters´╝îincluding + and - and space